In 1985, BKM Textile founders took the first step to the business world in shirt production in the textile sector. Having started with apprenticeship and started to work in this great adventure, they had the technical and knowledge accumulation in advanced level. Their self confidence, quality understanding and experience gave them courage to open their own workshops. BKM Tekstil started to produce shirts by giving the name of this family company. They started to produce shirts with a few number of staff and they started to wear shirts with various brands. Due to the good service and quality understanding that they gave in the short time, they started to see big demand from other companies. technical equipment and personnel to increase the capacity of the business quickly by increasing the number of international and international markets as well as preparing a collection of shirts continued.BKM textile market, Blood quality shirt openness realized by creating in itself the MASTINO brand to consumers by providing this area customer satisfaction OUR VISION To meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level by constantly improving our product and service quality OUR MISSION BKM Textile, which aims to grow and grow in the textile sector, which has emerged with a renewed every day, has used its resources effectively and adopted the best and high quality service as its mission.

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